3 Accommodation Options for Festival Chasers

Canada is a party haven, and its numerous music festivals reflect this. Most events take place in multiple venues across the nation. Still, people have to travel long distances to attend. And that raises the accommodation and transport questions.

Here are some homestay options for people looking to attend festivals this summer.


Hotels provide a cozy bed, world-class meals, and even handle all the cleaning. But that comes at a price. Most hotels charge an average of $31 a night for each person, but costs can go up in the summer when everyone is trying to go on holiday. So you might want to avoid the last-minute rush. Also, don’t forget to bring a charger for your phone and power bank. These lifesavers will fuel your adventures at Casino online Canada, without a worry in the world.

Bread and Breakfast

People who live in “off-grid” festival locations usually run B&B businesses. It can be a room in someone’s home where you have to share amenities or dine with fellow travellers. The only catch with this type of accommodation is the need to communicate your needs and expectations before showing up at the door. For example, don’t assume that every place is handicap or child-friendly. Always ask these questions before getting into any agreement.

Tiny House on Wheels

Owning a small home on wheels is every traveller’s dream. You can take it anywhere and save thousands of dollars. Just fill it up with gas, and you have shelter and transport rolled up in one neat package. However, not everyone has access to this kind of camping equipment. Do a simple online search or head straight to bookings.com. There’s a chance you might find one for hire. Or better still, borrow one from a friend and later show them gratitude for saving you lots of money on your trip.