3 Promising Rock Bands that Have a Shot at Legendary Status

The Spanish rock scene has seen a lot of artists came and go. Yet, only a few of them managed to leave a permanent mark on the industry as Soda Stereo and Mana have. Today, we cover Spanish rock bands that have not reached legendary status but are doing a great job anyways.

Enanitos Verdes

Started in 1979, Enanito Verdes is an Agentininan rock band that came to the public with the hit single “La Muralla Verde.” Marciano Cantero, the leader, plays guitar, keyboards, and vocals, Felipe Satiti is the lead guitarist and Piccolo is the drummer. Their career started with a failed demo in Buenos Aires, that was never released, but they still managed to secure shows at home and abroad. Besides their massive album Contrarreloj, the band also hit the jackpot with singles like “Lamento Boliviano” and “El Extrano Del Pelo Largo.”

Hombre G

Hombre G debuted live at Madrid’s Rock-Ola in 1983 and is one of the most influential Spanish pop-rock bands in Spain. It consists of David Summer on bass and vocals, Rafael Gutierrez on guitar, Dani Mezquita on guitar, and Javi Molina on the drums. Anyone who grew up listening to these guys cannot forget the catchphrase “ Sufre Mamon” from the hit song “Devuelveme A Mi Chica.”

Los Prisioneros

Los Prisioneros is perhaps the best rock band in Chile. It consists of Jorge Gonzalez, Miguel Tapia, Claudio Naera, and the other five inconsistent members. The group traces its origins to high school, where they entertained students in the Miguel Leon Prado High School Song Festival. Unfortunately, the band still has a long way to go in the international scene, but they have managed to capture fans in Latin America with their simple style and powerful lyrics. “Por Que No Se Van” is their biggest hit yet.