4 Essential Instruments for Rock Bands

Instruments are an indispensable part of rock music. Bands spend a fortune acquiring state-of-the-art equipment as the sound quality depends on the choices they make at this point.

Today, we go behind the scenes to see the equipment rock stars use to light up Spanish rock festivals.

Electric Guitar

There’s a pretty good reason why every rock star shows up to a photo-shoot with an electric guitar at one point in their career. That’s because this piece of equipment is the heart of every band. It resembles a traditional acoustic guitar but can deliver surprisingly loud sounds when connected to an amplifier. These babies also support a connection to standard pickups, which allow players to experiment with different sound effects. It’s also worth noting that each electric guitar brand works with a specific set of accessories.

Bass Guitar

If you want to know the effect of bass, try listening to a song with only an acoustic guitar. Nobody will ever feel the urge to dance to it.

The main difference between the regular guitars and bass guitars is the number of strings and, of course, the sound. Inexperienced guitarists prefer using the four-string version, while experienced players go for the six or twelve string options.

Drum Set

Without a drummer at play, there is no music. Drums are supposed to make the beat, then everyone else – including the lead singer – follow. And that’s why every band needs one. These sets come in different sizes and quality, but the ideal choice is the one you feel comfortable playing.

Electronic Keyboard

An electronic keyboard is the only instrument on this list that can deliver more than one sound. It can play like a piano, orchestra, organs, and can even add sound effects. This versatility makes it one of the necessary instruments for any rock band.