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Bands must be present no
later than one hour before
set time.

At the 20 minute mark during
your set, a RED light will come
on indicating you have only 5
minutes left before audio will
be faded out

Only listed band members will be
granted admission. All others
will pay $5 admission fee.

Additional equipment may
be brought but there will be no
additional time for set up.

Original content is accepted
with a minimum of one  well
known cover song for
the battle.

A play list must be submitted
prior to the bands set.

Performance schedule will
be determined by lottery.

Each band will have 30 minutes
to set up, perform and
clear the stage with no exception.

5 song minimum
(hint. target songs of 3.5 minutes
This will give you 5 minutes to
setup, 5 minutes to clear
the stage and 20 minutes to
perform  17.5 minutes of songs.)

A  Pre-sound check will be
completed prior to the first
performing band.

Please be prepared & organized
to maximize your stage time.