Top 3 Rock-Themed Slots 2020

Many people have tried to infiltrate the rock n roll scene, but only a handful of them have managed to reach the cult status. It is at this point that rock stars perform in packed shows every other weekend, enjoy lucrative endorsement deals, and sometimes get a casino theme in their name.

For all of you metal-heads out there, here are the top three rock-themed slot games in the market right now.

Guns n Roses

When it comes to rock slots, Guns n Roses is the absolute best. It features the legendary band’s concert in the background, complete with a big stage, lights, and background music. It is an excellent idea for contrast in a slots game. And, the crowd in the footage will jump wildly when a huge cash price is on its way. That said, head over to spin palace mobile casino and see it for yourself.


Megadeth features a five-reel online slot game with a visually appealing theme laced with symbols that scream metal-head. The reels sit on metal plates hanging on chains, and the background is either black or fiery. However, the Megadeth slot requires you to play all 40 lines. But there is an option to wager on each track using the innovative “Line Bet” meter.


Motorhead is another stunning rock-themed slot game from NetEnt. This time, it features Motorhead – the most influential rock band from the UK. Players can activate the rock mood and listen to one of the band’s greatest hits, the Ace of Spades. Also, NetEnt decided to replicate their previous success with Guns n Roses by adding a video of an epic gig the group did when they were at their peak. Overall, the game seems to pay homage to the Motorhead legendary frontman Lemmy Kilmister who died in December 2015.