Top 4 Female Spanish Rockstars 2020

Spanish rock has always been a male-dominated industry. From Soda Stereo to Mana, it is clear men have a better chance of bagging those gold and platinum statuses. However, there’s also been a significant effort from a few exceptional women who believe they could rock in Spanish.

Here are the top four female Spanish rock artists of all time.

Mercedes Soza

This Argentinian rocker may not be the most famous artist on your radar right now, but she played a critical role in paving the way for female musicians across Latin America. Soza performed in big stages such as New York’s Lincon Center, the Theater of Mogador in Paris and the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City. She also toured Europe and the US with great success. Soza died in 2009, but will forever remain in our hearts for her worldwide hit “Al Flor Azul.”

Fransisca Valenzuela

Crowned as the “princess of rock and roll,” Fransisca raised eyebrows with her debut album “Muérdete la Lengua” (Bite your tongue) in 2007. Four years later, she released her second album, “Buen Soldado” which cemented her place in the entertainment industry. These albums earned her gold and platinum certifications from Chile, and her latest work, “Dice,” has also made quite a stir around the world.

Julieta Venegas

Venegas is a talented woman who can play several instruments, including the acoustic guitar, accordion, and keyboard. Along with that talent, she has a sweet voice that has landed her on Andrea Echeverri’s list of women who rock in Spanish. In her latest album “Limon y Sal,” she lists all her lover’s faults but goes ahead to say she loves him anyway. The album has hit platinum in several countries, but her proudest achievement is the worldwide hit “Me Voy” that recently hit gold status in Mexico.