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Here’s a Sneak Peek at What’s Inside

A Guide to Canada’s Music Festivals: Many festivals are loading in Canada right now. Most of them go down in the summer, but there’s also a couple of winter events designed to wake people from hibernation. Check out our detailed guide for dates, venues, and more.

Where to Sleep: Most people have to travel long distances to attend festivals. And that raises the accommodation and transport questions. The idea here is to make a plan that aligns with a budget and timeline. We go into more details inside.

Rock Stars: There might not be a definitive list of the greatest rock stars who ever lived, but we’ve prepared one that is pretty close. Our list contains bands that sold millions of copies worldwide and those with the honour of having casino themes in their names.

Instruments: We can all agree that instruments are an indispensable part of any rock band. If you are curious about the “tools of the trade,” feel free to check out the ultimate instrument list. It covers everything from guitars to keyboards and everything in between.

Rock Casinos: Looking for more than just a party? We have a list of online rock casinos featuring the greatest rock bands in the world.